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About Us

The Founders

Husband and wife duo Jerrod and Amanda founded Kirra Iced Tea. Amanda grew up on Oahu in Hawaii, while Jerrod grew up on the Gold Coast in Australia. The name Kirra comes from a special place Jerrod grew up surfing with his mates back home on the Gold Coast.

The homemade recipes are a mix of their Australian and Hawaiian upbringing. They set out to create a simple yet healthy crushable iced tea using organic tea and tropical fruits.

They also invited some of their best mates below to become partners and ambassadors and come along for the Kirra ride!

Kirra Family

Amanda Paige


Paul Fisher


Chloe Fisher


Helen Owen


Zack Kalter


Matt McGuire


Samantha Clarke


JT Barnett


Michelle Infusino


Sanne Vloet


Carissa Stanton


Alden Steimle


Corey Wilson


Jake Kassan


Damien Fahrenfort


Max Ando


Michael Yerger