Meet The Crew

Jerrod Clancy  (Joiza)

You’ve heard this Aussie coming to America story before. Lands with a full head of hair (rip hair), goes to Coachella wearing a singlet and flexing his Aussie accent to the babes. Eight years later he’s still here. He’s the founder of this little startup called Kirra and has a monopoly on the Tim Tam market in the USA. 




Damien Fahrenfort (Dooma)


Tallest member in the gang. Dooma rocked up in the USA from South Africa as a pro surfer and no thanks for the financial crash of 08 had to find a real job. From his infamous blog DoomasRumors (the real life surf gossip girl) to STAB Magazine and onto General Admission, Dooma is a jack of all trades master of none. The only thing left to do for Dooma is be mildly successful in a beverage company, of course! 




Amanda Li Paige shape shifts into a Panda

The best looking of the group but also by far the most savage. Model by day, recovering chocoholic by night. Driven by the goal to have a live in 24hr masseuse at her beck and call. She’s betting that Kirra can make this dream come true.





Omer Levy loves the hummus

 We needed one Los Angeles local so we found an Israeli transplant. With a FIDM degree under his belt that was earned vs paid. Omer knows everyone in Los Angeles and also happens to be the best dressed male west of the  405. 




Corey Wilson, better known as leaf monkey 


 Corey might be from Santa Cruz but he’s more Aussie than American. When Corey isn’t couch surfing at Mick Fannings house (in front of Kirra) he’s traveling the world taking stunning pictures for us to repost without his consent. You won’t find a happier guy with uglier feet than Corey. 




Scott Wilson Aka Scoots

Watching Scoots work his magic on Adobe Illustrator is like watching Rain Man count cards. He's the visual genius behind all Kirra's graphics and the best limbo competitor we’ve ever seen! One free case of Kirra to anyone that can get lower than Scoots!


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